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Meditate on your failures.

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If you are failing in your life, you need to think something through indeed. Life doesn’t seem to go in one direction all the time. It’s also neither the waves of an ocean. It’s a mess. A rumble, a mystery that no one has ever cracked. But those who have succeeded in cracking the mystery are the ones who have made it through.

The essence of life lies in overcoming challenges and, more importantly, in steadfastly clinging to a single pursuit. In 2009, there was an individual who purchased some bitcoin; however, by 2013, they had let it go. If only they had held onto it until the ‘boom era’ of 2020, they could have retired for life.

It’s lust. It’s pain. It’s hunger. It’s an unending desire. We, as humans, are inherently incomplete. We obtain something today, yet tomorrow we yearn for it even more. A perpetual cycle. In relation to this perspective, I’d like to introduce the term ‘Anatta’. It signifies that nothing in the world truly belongs to us.

However, our minds resemble gravity—always attracting things and the subsequent consequences. Regardless, we can never truly break free from our desires or the things that captivate us. Our inner selves perpetually seek pleasure and freedom that remains elusive. Everything is in a state of flux; constancy is rare. Yet, we wonder how pain seems to linger unchanging.

The advent of modern technology has left its mark. Our existence is now embedded in a dynamic environment, ceaselessly shifting, while idle moments evade our awareness. An idea conceived today might swiftly become obsolete due to the rapid passage of time. Amid this pace, it’s advisable to hold onto your pursuits—whether begun yesterday, months, or years ago. Success will eventually grace your efforts.

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