Wednesday, May 24, 2023
InsightsMeditate on your failures.

Meditate on your failures.

If you are failing in your life, you need to think something through indeed. Life doesn’t seem to go in one direction all the time. It’s also neither the waves of an ocean. It’s a mess. A rumble, a mystery that no one has ever cracked. But those who have succeeded to crack the mystery are the ones who have made it through.

The beauty of life is fighting through all the troubles and more than that it is about holding on to one thing. There was a person in 2009 who had bought some bitcoin, in the year 2013 he dropped it off, only if he had held it till 2020 “the boom era”, he would have retired for life.

It’s lust. It’s pain. It’s hunger. It’s a never-ending desire. We, humans, are incomplete creatures. We get something today and another day we want the same thing more. A never-ending cycle. Regarding this context, I would like to add the word “Anatta”. It means nothing in the world belongs to you.

But our minds are like gravity. It attracts things. It attracts consequences. No matter what we cannot be free from things that we want. We cannot be free from any things. And so our inner self searches for pleasure searches for freedom which we can never get. All things are never constant. But then we ask ourselves how can this pain be constant.

Modern technology has taken its toll. Now we live in a place where everything in our surroundings is constantly changing and we are not aware of the idle moment. If I create one idea today, the same idea will become obsolete because time is moving fast. For now, hold on to things and work on –– what you are working on since yesterday or months, or even years. The touch of success will be upon you.



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