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Increasing Hostility: An Insight into People’s Behavior this Year.

In recent times, there has been a noticeable rise in hostility among people. The levels of hostility are steadily increasing, and it has been quite some time since I’ve engaged in a meaningful conversation.

I can still recall the 90s and early 2000s when individuals were more open and willing to discuss a wide range of topics such as politics, geography, and world economics for extended periods. However, it is evident that things have significantly changed, and this change is palpable.

There are various factors that could contribute to this phenomenon, whether it be a natural aspect of adulthood, a shift in human nature, or the pervasive influence of technology that keeps people occupied.

The underlying reality, however, is that individuals have grown increasingly hostile. When conversations delve into deeper topics, there seems to be a sudden emergence of fear and anger in the minds of others. It’s as if people expect something from you, while simultaneously harboring a reluctance to share everything themselves.

In a recent incident at the airport, an individual sought some relaxation at a bar but encountered a distressing situation. According to eyewitnesses, the person took a seat at the bar, looking to unwind. However, their peace was disrupted when a fellow patron began shouting intrusive questions like “Where are you going?” and “What is your name?” The person continued to speak loudly, making it difficult for the individual to enjoy their time there.

Feeling uncomfortable, the affected person decided to change seats and moved to another corner of the bar. However, much to their dismay, the persistent stranger refused to leave them alone. Witnesses reported that the stranger waved his phone at the individual, stared at them, and even attempted to take pictures. Throughout this ordeal, the stranger mumbled unintelligibly for approximately 15 minutes.

As the situation intensified, the stranger, who appeared to be heavily intoxicated, started approaching the individual with the intention of initiating a conversation. Understandably, the affected person felt frightened and petrified by this unwelcome interaction. They recognized the clear distinction between casual bar chit-chat and the unsettling intrusion they were experiencing.

Surprisingly, despite five bystanders witnessing the entire drama unfold, none of them intervened or asked the stranger to stop. The individual, overwhelmed by fear and distress, hurriedly sought assistance from the bar staff. They approached the staff, nearly in tears, and urgently requested that the disruptive individual be removed from the premises.

In another distressing incident, a similar unsettling encounter took place involving a ride-sharing platform. A female passenger recounted her harrowing experience, highlighting concerns regarding her safety and the lack of adequate response from the ride-sharing company.

The incident occurred during her morning commute, when she boarded a taxi driven by a middle-aged man. From the onset, the driver’s behavior turned verbally abusive, creating an environment of harassment that left the passenger deeply fearful. The driver went on to discuss explicit sexual activities and repeatedly made inappropriate advances, even proposing a meeting for a meal, which was deeply unsettling given the significant age difference between them.

The passenger’s fear escalated, worried that any rejection or confrontation could potentially lead to further harm or retaliation. Despite filing complaints to the ride-sharing company on two separate occasions, she expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the company’s response, fearing they might not take decisive action.

The incident has left the passenger feeling a mixture of anger, regret, and sadness. She regrets not standing up for herself during the encounter and highlights the underlying reality that women often have to live with the constant fear of such experiences throughout their lives. Taking measures to protect herself, she blocked the driver’s number, but the traumatic encounter continues to haunt her.

She urges others to exercise caution and avoid getting into his taxi, particularly if they are female. This incident sheds light on the urgent need for enhanced safety measures and a more robust response from ride-sharing companies in addressing such distressing incidents.

It appears that widespread discontentment pervades society, as people find themselves unable to attain their desired life outcomes. Regardless of our location, we encounter individuals who are dissatisfied with their circumstances, leading them to exhibit hostility and aggression.

Inflation has reached unprecedented levels, causing the prices of gold and land to soar. Moreover, as millennials transition into adulthood, life becomes increasingly challenging. Only a fortunate few have managed to navigate these difficulties successfully, while the remaining 90 percent of the global population continues to grapple with various struggles.

The Hajarkitta Team
The Hajarkitta Team
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