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The World’s Most Luxurious Yachts and Their Billionaire Owners

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Billionaires are known for their extravagant lifestyles and luxurious possessions; owning a yacht is no exception. These individuals often have multiple yachts, each with their own unique design and amenities, catering to their every whim. However, these yachts are not just a means of transportation or a symbol of wealth but also a reflection of their owner’s personality and style.

It’s not uncommon for billionaires to change the names of their yachts over time as they seek to reinvent themselves or simply desire a fresh start. Some may even choose to keep the names of their yachts private as a means of maintaining their privacy and security. Despite this, many famous yachts have become synonymous with their billionaire owners, such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s “Octopus” and media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s “Vertigo”. These yachts serve as a testament to the opulent lifestyles that billionaires can enjoy and are often the envy of those who catch a glimpse of them on the open seas.

Here are the lists of billionaires and their yacht names.

Billionaire NameYacht Name
Bernard ArnaultSymphony
Jeff BezosKoru
Larry ElisonMusashi
Bill GatesAqua
Larry PageSenses
Carlos Slim HeluOstar
Steve BallmerOctopus
Sergey BrinButterfly
Amancio OrtegaDrizzle
Mark ZuckerbergUlysses
Jim WaltonAquila
Li Ka ShingSunseeker Yacht
Miriam AdelsonQueen Miri
Len BlavatnikOdessa II
Gianluigi AponteAmo
Reinhold WuerthVibrant Curiosity
Stephen SchwarzmanAprès Vous
Jim SimonsArchimedes
Andrey MelnichenkoSailing Yacht A and Motor Yacht A
Vladimir PotaninBarbara
Jack MaZen
James RatcliffeHampshire II
Vladimir LisinSocrat
Leonid MikhelsonPacific
Thomas Frist JrMia Elise II
Alexey MordashovNord
Andrew ForrestPangaea
Ray DalioOcean Explorer
Eyal OferOlivia O
Gennady TimchenkoLena
Erich SchmidtLegend
Carl IcahnStarfire
Steve CohenSeasense
Rupert MurdochRosehearty and Vertigo
Lakshmi MittalAlaiya
Michael PlattArrow
Jorge Paulo LemannAnawa and Karima
Goh Cheng LiangWhite Rabbit
Alisher UsmanovDilbar
Aliko DangoteMariya
Idan OferBetter Place
Jan KoumMogambo and Moonrise
Diane HendricksWheels
Jerry JonesBravo Eugenia
Stanley KroenkeSeanna
Laurene Powell JobsVenus
Shahid KhanKismet
Robert KuokHistory Supreme
Mikhail ProkhorovPalladium
Giorgio ArmaniMARIU and Main
Ricardo SalinasLady Moura
Suleiman KerimovIce
Viktor RashnikovOcean Victory
Carl CookStarfire
Andrei GurievAlfa Nero
Jim PattisonNova Spirit
Marijke MarsStarburst III
Vincent BollorePaloma
Ernesto BertarelliVava II
James DysonNahlin
Roman AbramovichSolaris
Eric SmidtInfinity
List of Billionaires and Their Yachts.

Also read, 5 reasons why billionaires own yachts:

1. Status symbol

For many billionaires, owning a yacht is a way to showcase their wealth and success. Yachts are luxurious and expensive, and owning one can signal to others that the owner has achieved a high level of financial success.

2. Lifestyle

For some billionaires, owning a yacht is part of a larger lifestyle choice. Yachts provide a way to enjoy the open water and travel to exotic destinations. They can also be used for entertaining guests and hosting events.

3. Privacy

Yachts offer a level of privacy that is difficult to achieve on land. They allow owners to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy a more secluded environment.

4. Investment

Some billionaires see yachts as investments that can appreciate in value over time. They may purchase a yacht to sell it later for a profit.

5. Legacy

Some billionaires may choose to own a yacht to leave a lasting legacy. They may be passionate about sailing or the ocean and want to create a family tradition of yacht ownership that will be passed down through generations.

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