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Sure ways to increase your engagement.

Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. Your purpose and role can only be fulfilled when you attract the right amount of traffic each day. There’s a saying that everything in the universe is born twice – first in our minds and then in the material world. Achieving success in the latter is our dream, and building your own empire can be that dream. In this article, we will discuss the ways to increase traffic on your website.

1. Use Internal Linking.

First, you need to find out the ranking of your page. Nobody will browse beyond page number 2 on google. But remember that the use of Internal Links can boost your page higher. The idea here is to link your weak pages with strong ones.

One of the main reasons that Wikipedia ranks higher on Google pages is that it plays well on internal links. If you ever want more ideas on how to increase your page traffic, study the structure of Wikipedia articles.

Coming to my point you can also use Webmaster tools, Semrush, and Google Analytics to collect the data of other related pages. What this means is that you can drop a link on your weak websites from your great pages –– it gives a little nudge to Google Search Engine to rank your page higher. And once your page rank increases, you will see the growth on your organic traffic. This method is useful when you are managing more than one webpage.

2. Use The Copy Of Big Companies.

Your page description does not matter if you only use keywords to boost your traffic. Your page is not going to rank higher because of SEO, a lot of people do that. Of course, SEO gives an edge to your Website, but using keywords on your page description and implying that people will click them–– when they see the same keyword–– is futile. Consider yourself as a user and ask how well you click on those websites if you are searching for something.

The answer here lies in the description copy of big companies. People do not click on something because it includes the keyword, but rather, people are looking for a quality description. This quality description is already tested by big companies. These companies invest millions in ads, which they have tested a lot, to get that perfect description.

You can Google search for the related description. You can look at the top PPC ads and get your description copy from there. Always keep in mind that these advertisers have spent a lot of money on the advertising campaign and their description is a good source of what works in the market. A lot of people fail to use working descriptions on their page and fail to rank higher. Only Keywords won’t attract a lot of people –– what we need is something that has a higher appeal to the masses.

3. Give And Get.

Long ago when we were marketing on Instagram, we had garnered 10k followers in 6 months. What worked during that period of our time was working with the same niche Instagrammers towards the same end goal of increasing followers. Sharing each other’s posts on our timelines and stories and exchanging our followers with one another made everything like a walk in the park.

What this means is that you are not alone in your niche and working together can garner lots of visitors to your website. As of now, you may have already researched which sites are similar to your niche. Now make a list of the best ones where you want your links to be integrated.

Example: If you have a website that is related to art, make a list of ‘top ten art blogs you need to read daily.’ You can do this in any niche.

After featuring a website that you want your links on ––the next part is–– you need to contact them. Facebook them or email them and let them know that you have featured their site on your blog. Like you, they are too searching for exposure. Doing this, they will often write on their blogs about your website and tell their readers that they got featured. It’s a part of building a connection and getting more niche-related traffic.

4. Target long tail keyword.

It’s an old technique, but it still works. Nowadays, we can see that people are targeting long-tail keywords because they’re trending. However, people often overlook keywords with low search volumes of 10 or 20. This is where they miss out on an opportunity; focusing on low search volume keywords is a hidden gem. The idea here is to target at least one in every new article, every single day, even if the competition is minimal.

Keep in mind if you target keywords of low search volume it would be more than a thousand hits in a year. Only ’10’ search volume will result in 2880 hits (assuming 10 x 280 (Sunday to Friday)). The ’20’ search volume will hit 5760 searches. You will be ranking top on google with just keywords of low search volume.

Also, remember that these keyword searches are specific. The traffic you will get from these keywords is extremely targeted, and it’s better than the general keywords. Another thing that you will benefit from these low search volume keywords is that people often ignore them. The journey might take longer than usual, but you will see the result once you work on them. Also, go for more low search keywords, like 4 or 5, once you are making money through enough traffic.

5. Make a connection through the newsletter.

There are lots of websites that act as spam these days. Most people are sending copy/paste messages to get the link. Also, offering an article for a link does not work. Many website owners find their spam and do not reciprocate. What we need to do is act like humans and not robots.

Link building is the hard part for every business. But wait, we all need attention that is authentic. Many websites have a subscription for their newsletter, and if reply to them like a human, they will notice.

After you get their newsletter, you can reply to them and share them on social media. You will soon get their attention once you start doing this because nobody does this. Wait for some weeks and repeat the process, the motive here is to build the connection and ask for the link as soon as the trust develops. You can request them to write, “I have a blog post (about your topic), and if you are available, could you please publish it on your website.” At this moment what differentiates you from the herd is that you were building trust for long enough to be approved by them.

Your request does not sound spam because they identify you as a human who is promoting their content for a long time. Once your effort works, you will be able to post your content on their site, and your referral traffic shall increase. It will help to boost your SEO traffic and rank your page higher. Of course, it takes time, but you will soon see the increase in traffic once you get to land on their page.

6. Content Is King. (a cliche but true)

If traffic is the blood, then the Content is the spine of Websites. It is what makes or breaks your growth. All famous websites which are making at the top of Google rank are because of their content. In a layman’s words, content is the material, the information, the infrastructure of language which is what people are looking for, the details that shall quench their thirst.

As I mentioned earlier, Wikipedia appears in the top ten because of its genuine content. Social sites like Quora and Reddit which also acts as a forum give real information to its user –– and this information attracts a large amount of traffic.

Many people have a static webpage that they never update. Keep in mind that installing a blog increases the performance of your platform. Be it a medical, cinema industry, or auto industry, adding a blog gives a head start against those who have not. Quality content on your blog that is updated regularly is also loved by the google search engine. Your clients will know that your website is about quality information and they will give you a regular visit. Content solely will rank and boost your page traffic.

Tips :

Go for simple themes that will not make your website slow. When you overload with lots of features, your site will take time to load, and people will hit the back button. When people hit the back button, Google considers your page as low quality, and this will affect your traffic. Also, go for themes that are easy for visitors to navigate through.

If you are using a WordPress blog, the plugins shall improve the features. Plugins like WordFence will protect your site from viruses. If you use WordPress Super Cache, your website will load super fast. Also, plugins like Gravity Forms add a contact page to your website.

Do not forget to engage with your audience. It was one of the working techniques in my Instagram marketing. The search engine algorithm will know that your webpage is trustworthy.


Google will always update its algorithm. SEO is a forever-changing process, and therefore it can be a challenging task. Also, if you do it in the right way then, you will begin to see a surge in traffic. SEO is the game of patience and always remember that there are two types of SEO –– on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The on-page SEO is about making your content search-friendly, using proper keywords, and focusing on quality; while off-page SEO is about building backlinks to your website. Examples of backlinks are using your link when you guest post, finding relevant forums and using your links there, blog comments, and links from many other platforms. Furthermore, do not forget to target long-tail keywords and set permalinks in an SEO-friendly way.

Always keep on researching and do not be afraid to test something new. Your link and your content should be congruent with each other. It’s also the reason that pages with a spam links cannot rank higher. Lastly, the face behind the traffics are the humans like us, so act humanly as possible.

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Andy Smith
Andy Smith
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