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Eyal Ofer’s Philanthropic Contributions

Eyal Ofer is an Israeli billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He was born on June 2, 1950, in Haifa, Israel, and is the son of Sammy Ofer, another prominent Israeli businessman.

Eyal Ofer is the chairman of Ofer Global, a privately held global shipping and real estate conglomerate. The company’s shipping arm, Zodiac Maritime, manages a fleet of over 140 vessels, making it one of the largest privately-owned shipping companies in the world.

The company’s real estate arm, Global Holdings, owns and manages commercial and residential properties across the globe, including in New York, London, and Tokyo.

In addition to his business activities, Eyal Ofer is a well-known philanthropist. He has donated significantly to various causes, including education, healthcare, and the arts.

He has a role as a board of trustees member at the London Business School. Additionally, he has shown his generosity by donating to various institutions, including the National Maritime Museum in London and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel.

Business Career

Eyal Ofer’s business career spans several decades and has been marked by successful ventures in various industries. One of his earliest ventures was in the shipping industry, where he founded Zodiac Group in the 1980s.

Under his leadership, Zodiac Group grew into a leading provider of offshore drilling rigs and marine support services, with operations spanning the globe. In addition to his work in shipping, Eyal Ofer has also been involved in real estate development and investment.

Eyal Ofer played a vital role in the expansion and triumph of numerous well-known real estate enterprises, including Global Holdings, a real estate investment firm in New York. Through his strategic vision and guidance, Eyal Ofer contributed significantly to the development of Global Holdings, making it a major contender in the fiercely competitive New York real estate arena.

Global Holdings, overseen by Ofer, manages over 120 properties and 2,500 hotel rooms. Additionally, Ofer holds a controlling interest in Miller Global Properties, a real estate investment fund. The value of the properties is assessed by considering income capitalization after accounting for debt. Meanwhile, Miller Global’s valuation is based on the average price-to-book ratio of three comparable companies.

Throughout his business career, Eyal Ofer has been known for his keen business acumen, ability to identify promising opportunities, and willingness to take calculated risks. His leadership style emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.


One of the key areas where Eyal Ofer has made significant contributions is in education. He has supported several educational institutions worldwide, including the London Business School, the Tel Aviv University, and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. His support has helped to fund scholarships, research programs, and other initiatives that have benefited students and faculty members.

In 2012, Eyal was one of the donors to the Gloriana, a boat used during the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II. He has also made significant donations to the Tate Modern museum in London, including a £10 million contribution in 2013 that was used to expand the museum. As a result, the exhibition gallery on the third floor is now named after him. Additionally, Eyal donated £1.5 million to the National Maritime Museum to help keep two 18th-century George Stubbs paintings in the UK after a public appeal by Sir David Attenborough.

The Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation has also significantly contributed to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, donating $5 million in 2019 to renovate the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art. These philanthropic efforts demonstrate Eyal’s dedication to supporting institutions that promote education, art, and culture and his commitment to positively impacting society.

Initiatives in the Maritime sector

Eyal Ofer has a unique connection to naval heritage, influencing his philanthropic contributions to maritime causes. He is the son of the late shipping magnate Sammy Ofer, one of the world’s leading ship owners and a pioneer of the shipping industry.

Eyal grew up immersed in the shipping world and sincerely appreciated the maritime industry and its history. One of Eyal’s significant philanthropic initiatives in the maritime sector is establishing the National Maritime Museum in Haifa, Israel.

The museum aims to promote Israel’s maritime heritage and educate visitors about the country’s rich naval history. In addition to supporting the National Maritime Museum, Eyal has contributed to various other maritime institutions and initiatives. He donated £1.5 million to the National Maritime Museum in the UK to help preserve two 18th-century paintings by George Stubbs. He also supports the British Royal Navy and patronizes the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

Moreover, Eyal has significantly contributed to the Israel Navy Foundation and the Haifa Naval Museum. Through his philanthropic efforts, Eyal Ofer has demonstrated his commitment to preserving and promoting naval heritage and supporting maritime causes.

His contributions to the National Maritime Museum in Haifa and other institutions have had a significant impact, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and learn from the maritime industry’s history and legacy.

How did Eyal Ofer get so rich?

Eyal Ofer’s wealth comes from his father’s shipping enterprise, established in the 1960s, which he has since broadened and diversified across various industries. Following his father’s passing in 2011, the billionaire and his brother, Idan, inherited some of the assets.

Reflecting on Eyal Ofer’s Contributions to Business, Philanthropy, and Naval Heritage

In conclusion, Eyal Ofer’s life and career have been marked by his exceptional business acumen, philanthropic contributions, and commitment to preserving naval heritage. His success in the shipping industry and various other businesses has made him one of the most prominent and respected figures in the global business community.

Throughout his life, Eyal has remained dedicated to giving back to society, supporting numerous charitable causes and institutions worldwide. His philanthropic efforts in the arts, education, and maritime sectors have had a significant impact, promoting access to culture and education and preserving history for future generations.

Eyal’s unique connection to naval heritage and establishing the National Maritime Museum in Haifa, Israel, reflects his commitment to promoting maritime history and education. His support for other maritime institutions and initiatives highlights his deep appreciation for the marine industry’s importance and contribution to global commerce.

Eyal Ofer’s legacy is one of business acumen, philanthropy, and dedication to preserving and promoting cultural heritage. His contributions have left a lasting impact on the world, and he continues to inspire future generations to pursue success while giving back to society.

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