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The Future Awaits the Bull Market

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Nothing works anymore. Nothing seems to function as it once did, and the current state of the world is undeniably peculiar. The world’s wealthiest individual is attempting to sell Dogecoin, while a cartoon monkey’s image holds more value than someone’s lifetime savings. NFTs, you’re familiar with them. Houses now command prices exceeding 400k, and it’s astonishing how far we’ve drifted from the simplicity of the 90s. Back then, life was simpler. Falsehoods are being peddled, and the world is buying into them. A colossal electric car company worth billions reports revenue of less than 50k. Apple is marketing a chat roulette clone, and even a faltering video game company’s stock has minted millions for its shareholders.

People are gradually realizing that consuming alone won’t provide effective coping mechanisms for their daily lives. This awakening hints at a broader transformation – a transition into a new world. The strategies that worked before might no longer be applicable in the future. Fresh ways of living, an entirely new lifestyle, are in demand. So, what’s on the horizon? Perhaps therein lies the potential for the next significant breakthrough, much like the rise of Bitcoin.

Adding to this, the cost of products has soared to unreachable heights, leading to demotivation among prospective consumers. What’s intriguing is the transformation of ordinary, everyday items into expensive commodities, with branded goods slipping beyond sight. The existence of individuals who work and those who don’t has diverged dramatically, and only millionaires seem to bask in the luxury of their choices. However, the reality is that not everyone falls into the millionaire category. As we step into 2022, anticipation fills the air for what the new chapter in 2023 holds. The future is a canvas waiting to be painted.

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