Wednesday, May 24, 2023
InsightsThe future awaits the bull market.

The future awaits the bull market.

Nothing works anymore and it is strange how the world is functioning in the current scenario. The world’s richest man is trying to sell Dogecoin. The picture of a cartoon monkey is more valuable than one person’s entire life-saving. You know NFT. The house costs over 400k plus and I do not know how far we have come from the 90s. The world was simpler before. People are selling lies and the world is buying it. The greatest electronic car company worth billions has less than 50k revenue. Apple is selling a chat-roulette clone and a dying video game company’s stock made millions to its shareholder.

People are starting to realize that consuming isn’t going to help them cope with everyday life. Now, this could mean something else. We are in fact transcending a new kind of world. And what had worked in the past shall not work in the future. We need new methods of living. We need a new lifestyle. So what’s new? that could be where the next bitcoin could be, the next big thing.

One more thing, the price of the product has reached an unattainable level, and people who want to consume are demotivated. The interesting thing is that ordinary everyday things have become expensive. The branded ones are out of sight. Those who work and those who don’t live in the same plane of existence and only millionaires are living the way they want. Not all people are millionaires. This is 2022, we are waiting to see what’s in there in the new chapter of 2023. The future awaits.

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