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TikTok Gifts and Its Popularity

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It’s fascinating to witness how many users are now earning from TikTok. I remember back in 2018 when TikTok, especially TikTok Live, wasn’t as popular, and people used to spend their time on other social media platforms like Instagram. Making money back then depended on having good content, and on Instagram, users primarily earned through advertising and selling their products online. However, after 2021, TikTok Live has emerged as a new and significant source of income for users worldwide.

The post-pandemic world has undoubtedly brought about substantial changes. I recently read about how starting a business has evolved drastically following the coronavirus pandemic. It’s intriguing to observe this shift in income-generating opportunities, with TikTok providing a platform for users to monetize their content effectively.

The current situation of isolation has led to a significant shift in the way people perceive going outside and making purchases. In this context, TikTok Live has emerged as a powerful platform. Reflecting back to 2018, most users were heavily engaged with Instagram, and there was another app called Bigo Live that had its own dynamics. TikTok Live seems to have drawn inspiration from Bigo Live, which I personally experienced as well. I remember purchasing coins and using them to gift other users on Bigo Live.

Notably, Bigo Live was the pioneer in introducing live gifting and battles between users, and eventually, TikTok adopted these features. This evolution has revolutionized the way users interact and engage with content creators in the live-streaming landscape.

What is the point of gifting on TikTok?

Gifting on TikTok not only brings joy to the recipient but also adds a sense of popularity for both the giver and the receiver, which is why users find it so captivating. With TikTok’s widespread popularity, it has become a preferred platform for millions, and the new generation is particularly enamored with it, leading to a decline in television viewership.

TikTok Live takes user interaction to a whole new level by enabling direct engagement with the host. Among its captivating features, one stands out: when you throw roses on the screen, your name becomes visible to all the viewers watching the live stream. Experiencing the thrill of having the host mention your name can make you feel like a celebrity in your own right. This unique and personalized interaction is a key aspect that contributes to the irresistible allure of TikTok Live, keeping users thoroughly engaged and eager to participate.

Gifting on TikTok gives a sense of wealth and opulence. The gifter aims to showcase their abundance of money to the world, as money speaks loudly on TikTok. The more money one spends on roses and even more extravagant gifts, the greater the recognition and shoutouts they receive from the hosts. Some users are particularly enticed by the idea of attracting the attention of beautiful girls through such gifts. It creates a unique form of dopamine addiction, and for those who are already affluent, the world of live gifts amplifies their sense of richness even further.

Recently, there was a fake Jason Statham look-alike on TikTok Live, and he was receiving over 500 roses per minute, which caught my attention. It seems like this could mark the beginning of something new, where even famous celebrities will join TikTok Live in the future. People now crave direct connections with their favorite artists. Every viewer aspires to achieve fame, and that’s precisely where TikTok gifts come into play, allowing users to showcase and express themselves.

What are Tiktok gifts worth?

As of now, the cheapest TikTok coin costs $0.08 for 5 coins, and you can get as much as 17,500 coins for $247.84. After you get coins in your account, you can start gifting. The cheapest gift is a rose that only costs one coin, while the most expensive gifts can go as high as 39,999 coins, which will cost about $640.

As an experienced live gifter, how do I feel?

As someone who gifts on TikTok a lot, I feel like I’ve spent too much money chasing the temporary thrill of popularity and the dopamine rush. At first, I felt amazing when I was sending roses because my name was taken by a user who was somewhat famous. I felt somewhat rich, but overall, after some time, I could not feel the same rush as the first time. I knew it was a waste of time, but it would give me a sense of pleasure about how I was getting to know more people. I felt powerful because even popular personas on TikTok were asking me for money.

Some users even have a daily target, and they persistently pursue me to stay and continue gifting until they achieve their daily goal. What’s even more interesting is that these popular figures on TikTok have vast networks of friends, and being recognized within their circle gives an amazing feeling. It’s an experience like no other, one that you can only understand once you’re immersed in the world of TikTok and start giving gifts. The addictive nature of this platform is evident, and it’s no wonder why many users who continue to go live on TikTok can earn a significant amount of money.

I genuinely believe that this marks a new beginning in the realm of money-making opportunities. Soon, we will witness an increasing number of public figures earning through TikTok live.

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