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Are men choosing video games instead of family?

Modern society aspires to financial security, an essential pursuit. However, the challenge is formidable due to soaring inflation. Outside, instances of violence seem pervasive, coupled with a growing sense of disdain among the public concerning diverse perspectives on sexuality.

While some individuals may have careers and side hustles, the contemporary dating scene has disrupted many aspects of life. Infidelity is rampant, and if someone more appealing emerges, people are often inclined to move on. The concept of permanence is rare, and if found, it’s often confined to a small circle of individuals.

A man playing games, forgetting the reality of life.

The scene of the 90s is long gone. Most careers nowadays cannot even pay for a house. Young men want financial freedom, and it seems very difficult to get by with basic needs fulfilling paycheck after paycheck. Saving money does not compound, and it will take a decade to buy a house or car.

Some men say that video games are more rewarding and at least they are able to escape reality. The lack of emotional well-being has quadrupled since 2008. There are more men from the ages of 18 to 30 who have never dated a woman. Traditional careers are now things of the past. The bachelor’s and master’s degrees aren’t giving any more return. Also, employers do not value degrees anymore.

The way society views man has changed. In the last 50 years, things have changed, and the gender shift has happened as well. People in the 80s and 90s could buy houses with their minimum wage, and now the doctors and engineers are priced out. However, society will take time to recognize the problem.

Andy Smith
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