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The Vandalism of a Million-Dollar Painting

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Indeed, art is never worth more. The protection of our planet and people is worth more. This was the saying from the two girls who vandalized Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Sunflower”. Now, the fact is that the painting is worth more than 70 million.

It is strange how much truth she says when she speaks that the cost of living crisis is part of the oil crisis. Fuel is unaffordable. The world is getting costlier every day. Politics, art, and culture are not going in line with food and clothes but hunger. Even Maslow’s hierarchy needs to be edited now. We need a new low level because we cannot fulfill the hierarchy now. Our struggle for mankind and humanity is on the road of gravity.

Two girls put tomato soup on Van Gogh’s painting and poses for the picture.

Painting and art is the thing of the past. People forget that they are living in the present. What worth is a sight when it cannot fulfill the desire of one’s heart? No wonder I would like to write again that inflation is high, and it is the right time to plan for the future. It is time like this that creates a rebellious soul.

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