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Whistleblower Claims Decades of US UFO Research Suppression

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These are the recent happenings. Aliens are making headlines in the news this week, with numerous highly credible whistleblowers coming forward to report their encounters to Congress.

About a decade ago, a witness had a remarkable experience when they spotted a flying capsule. Contrary to conventional aircraft, this mysterious object neither resembled an airplane nor a helicopter; it belonged to an entirely different system.

A Capsule or a Flying Tic Tac

This is what a flying tic tac looked like.

The incident unfolded when the pilot was flying near the ocean and noticed peculiar white images on the water’s surface. Intrigued, the pilot scrutinized the scene and spotted a capsule-like flying object, giving rise to what is now known as the flying tic-tac analogy.

The flying tic-tac appeared without wings or any modern propeller system commonly used in planes. Astonishingly, the capsule vanished from sight, leaving no trace of any known technology in its wake. However, minutes later, the radar system detected the flying tic-tac miles away, moving at incredible speeds. This puzzling technology raised questions among scientists about whether the capsule could be an extraterrestrial object.

Recent happenings

In the latest news, a whistleblower named Mr. Grutsch described the enigmatic tic-tac aircraft. While he attempted to disclose additional information, he refrained from doing so due to the presence of the public.

The number of whistleblowers reporting similar events has increased. They have all witnessed a capsule-like aircraft, commonly referred to as the tic-tac aircraft, flying at incredible speeds through space. Additionally, these whistleblowers have experienced radar and communication malfunctions during these encounters.

One of the whistleblowers, a retired Air Force commander, revealed that he has been experiencing these phenomena since the beginning of 2014. Currently, it is well-known that the US has not been transparent regarding various happenings, including the allocation of funds for NASA, aircraft retrievals, and pilots’ encounters.

What’s More?

The main idea is that during the testimony, some people said that the government, along with defense contractors and the military, used money inappropriately. This was the main concern of the representatives. They also claimed that the government has technology that is more advanced than what humans currently have and that this technology might not be from Earth. Additionally, they mentioned the existence of biological samples from supposed pilots of unidentified flying objects.

During the discussions, there were still many unanswered questions. To protect the people who shared important information (whistleblowers and witnesses), these unanswered questions should be given to Congress privately. This could lead to new laws being made, and those laws might allow more information about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) to be shared with the public.

In this hearing, three witnesses are considered very reliable because they have experience in the military, and classified projects, and are actual whistleblowers. Their credibility makes their testimony important.


The vastness of space is often underestimated by many, including educated individuals, due to the limitations of the human mind evolved for survival on Earth’s ancient plains. Our brains are not naturally equipped to comprehend the immense scales of the cosmos. Additionally, graphical depictions often compress the actual sizes to make them visually accessible.

The Fermi Paradox is a common topic in discussions about extraterrestrial life. In 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi wondered why, given the vastness of the universe, we have not encountered any extraterrestrial civilizations. This question assumes that intelligent life should be abundant in such a large cosmos.

Astrophysicist Frank Drake later developed the Drake Equation, attempting to address the paradox scientifically. The equation doesn’t contain specific numbers but establishes relationships between various factors to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. When different values are plugged into the equation, the results vary significantly. Estimates range from as low as 10 to as high as 10,000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.

Being optimistic and assuming there are ten thousand intelligent civilizations in our galaxy still faces significant challenges due to the vastness of space. Even with such a high estimate, these civilizations would be, on average, ten thousand light-years apart, with some potentially closer and others further away. The problem is the limitation imposed by the speed of light, which is the fastest anything can travel in space. While some speculative ideas exist in science and fiction to surpass this limitation, there is currently no conclusive evidence on whether faster-than-light (FTL) travel is possible.

Occam’s Razor indicates that the most probable solution to the Fermi Paradox is that faster-than-light travel is either impossible or highly impractical. This conclusion leads to the disappointing realization that contact between intelligent civilizations is extremely unlikely. While it is essential to seek knowledge, the analysis discourages excessive excitement over hidden evidence of extraterrestrial life or the possibility of immediate access to advanced alien technology. A rational and pragmatic approach is encouraged, focusing on what is supported by evidence rather than chasing unrealistic ideas.

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