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Indian official empties entire dam in quest to recover lost phone

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It is said that a person drained a dam that had millions of litres of water because his phone was lost in the dam. This is an interesting news story that shows us how far a person can go to find something dear to them.

According to the BBC, the person’s name was Rajesh Vishwas, and his phone fell into the water while he was trying to take a selfie. He must have been terrified when he realized that he had valuable things on his phone and that it should not have been lost.

Of course, the user claimed that the phone contained valuable data and insisted that it be retrieved. The Samsung phone also had sensitive government data.

You will only understand the gravity of the situation when you have lost something of your own. Initially, you might think it is silly to drain the entire dam, but if you question whether you would do the same to retrieve your phone if it contained cherished pictures of your loved ones, your perspective might change.

The Samsung phone that he dropped was worth around $1200, but the data on it was deemed more valuable than his own life. It’s similar to a millionaire who spends millions to purchase a painting because they see something of value in it.

The amount of water that was drained would have been enough to irrigate over 600 hectares of farmland.

However, he couldn’t drain all of the water, and his plan came to a halt. The reason for draining the water was that it was deemed unusable, and what he drained was the waste water from the dam.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that power should not be misused. There could be various motives at play, and there may be significant information hidden. Overall, this is an intriguing story to read.

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